Find all the information you need to get started, configure, and effectively use big-AGI.

Configuration Guides

Detailed guides to configure your big-AGI interface and models.

  • Cloud Model Services:

  • Local Model Servers:

  • Advanced Feature Configuration:

    • Browse: Enable web page download through third-party services or your own cloud (advanced)
    • ElevenLabs API: Voice and cutom voice generation, only requires their API key
    • Google Search API: guide not yet available, see the Google options in 'Environment Variables'
    • Prodia API: Stable Diffusion XL image generation, only requires their API key, alternative to DALL·E

Deeper Guides

There are more technical guides including installation, development, customization and integration in our github docs section.

Support and Community

Join our community or get support:

  • Visit our GitHub repository for source code and issue tracking
  • Check the latest updates and features on Changelog or the in-app News
  • Connect with us and other users on Discord for discussions, help, and sharing your experiences with big-AGI

Thank you for choosing big-AGI. We're excited to see what you'll build.