Generative AI for professionals.Generative AI for Professionals · where function meets elegance and speed.

Unlock the full potential of AI in a single, streamlined platform. big-AGI brings the smarts and tools to make you a productivity powerhouse, while giving you control over your data. And it's open.big-AGI is The AI Suite for professionals who value precise tools, novel workflows, and control over their data. With focus on productivity, functionality, and privacy, big-AGI offers an alternative to ChatGPT that raises the bar on features, performance and quality.

big-AGI is: open, reliable, advanced, private, with top-tier models, voice/data tools, and a development roadmap  shaped by your feedback.

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Tailored AI

Switch between 100+ models including OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, Mistral, local models such as Ollama's ·

Flow-state UX

Designed for flow-state, productivity. Fast, reliable, and focusedEverything flows


Chats are stored in your own browser. You have the freedom to self-hostYour data is your gold

Advanced Fun

Call AGI · mobile UI · voice UI · drop files · snap pics · shrink PDFs · plot diagrams · make coffee

With Personas

Engage with diverse AI experts. Clone new ones from YouTube Videos. Because one size fits all nobody

And /more

Type /react for multi-step reasoning, /imagine to draw images, /browse to read web pages, and more

It‘s clear this has been a labor of love, and stands head and shoulders above similar projects out there.

  -  Superhero Developer

A new app is coming - Q3 2024

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