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Open-source AI app to help you learn, think, and do. Fun UX, mobile first, AI personas, superior privacy, and advanced features that will delight you.

Open-source AI application to help you learn, think, and do. With AI personas, superior privacy, advanced features, and fun UX.

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AI Personas

Engage with diverse AI experts. Because one size fits all nobody

Enjoy a focused user-friendly design, with pictures, drag & drop, charts, vectors, and PlantUML diagrams

Your chats are stored in your browser. For API calls without intermediaries, you have the freedom to self-host

It‘s clear this has been a labor of love, and stands head and shoulders above similar projects out there.

  -  Superhero Developer

(alpha) Import and extract key insights from PDFs, with auto summarization of larger documents

Type /react for multi-step reasoning, /imagine to draw images, /browse to read web pages, and more

Speak, snap, tap, attach - typing is the new UI so 2020