Installation Guide

Welcome to the big-AGI Installation Guide - Whether you're a developer eager to explore, a system integrator, or an enterprise looking for a white-label solution, this comprehensive guide ensures a smooth setup process for your own instance of big-AGI and related products.

Try big-AGI - You don't need to install anything if you want to play with big-AGI and have your API keys to various model services. You can access our free instance on The free instance runs the latest main-stable branch from this repository.

🧩 Build-your-own

If you want to change the code, have a deeper configuration, add your own models, or run your own instance, follow the steps below.

Local Development


  • Node.js and npm installed on your machine.


  1. Clone the big-AGI repository:
    git clone
    cd big-AGI
  2. Install dependencies:
    npm install
  3. Run the development server:
    npm run dev
    Your big-AGI instance is now running at http://localhost:3000.

Local Production build

The production build is optimized for performance and follows the same steps 1 and 2 as for local development.

  1. Build the production version:
    # .. repeat the steps above up to `npm install`, then:
    npm run build
  2. Start the production server (npx may be optional):
    npx next start --port 3000
    Your big-AGI production instance is on http://localhost:3000.

Advanced Customization

Want to pre-enable models, customize the interface, or deploy with username/password or alter code to your needs? Check out the Customizations Guide for detailed instructions.

☁️ Cloud Deployment Options

To deploy big-AGI on a public server, you have several options. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Deploy on Vercel

Install big-AGI on Vercel with just a few clicks.

Create your GitHub fork, create a Vercel project over that fork, and deploy it. Or press the button below for convenience.

Deploy with Vercel

Deploy on Cloudflare

Deploy on Cloudflare's global network by installing big-AGI on Cloudflare Pages. Check out the Cloudflare Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Docker Deployments

Containerize your big-AGI installation using Docker for portability and scalability. Our Docker Deployment Guide will walk you through the process, or follow the steps below for a quick start.

  1. (optional) Build the Docker image - if you do not want to use the pre-built Docker images:
    docker build -t big-agi .
  2. Run the Docker container with either:
    # 2A. if you built the image yourself:
    docker run -d -p 3000:3000 big-agi
    # 2B. or use the pre-built image:
    docker run -d -p 3000:3000
    # 2C. or use docker-compose:
    docker-compose up
    Access your big-AGI instance at http://localhost:3000.

Midori AI Subsystem for Docker Deployment

Follow the instructions found on Midori AI Subsystem Site for your host OS. After completing the setup process, install the Big-AGI docker backend to the Midori AI Subsystem.

Enterprise-Grade Installation

For businesses seeking a fully-managed, scalable solution, consider our managed installations. Enjoy all the features of big-AGI without the hassle of infrastructure management. to learn more.


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