Integrating LM Studio with big-AGI

Quickly set up LM Studio with big-AGI to run local and open LLMs on your computer for enhanced privacy and control over AI interactions.

Video Tutorial

For a visual step-by-step guide, watch our YouTube tutorial.

Running big-AGI locally with LM Studio YouTube Tutorial

Quick Setup Guide

Installing big-AGI

Clone and set up big-AGI:

git clone && cd big-agi
npm install # Or: yarn install
npm run dev # Or: yarn dev
# If missing dependencies:
npm install @mui/material # Or: yarn add @mui/material

Configuring LM Studio

Ensure LM Studio is running (default: http://localhost:1234). Check the URL and modify if different.

  1. Download local models in LM Studio
  2. Start the LM Studio server
  3. Optionally. Check the logs

Integration in big-AGI

  1. In big-AGI, navigate to Models > Add > LM Studio
  2. Enter the API URL: http://localhost:1234 (modify if different)
  3. Refresh by clicking on the Models button to load models from LM Studio

In addition to using the UI, configuration can also be done using environment variables.


  • Missing @mui/material: Execute npm install @mui/material or yarn add @mui/material
  • Connection Issues: Check LM Studio's URL and ensure it's operational

Further Assistance

Advanced configurations and more: