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1.14.0 · Modelmorphic

March 6, 2024


The new shape of intelligence and performance.

We're releasing big-AGI 1.14.0, "Modelmorphic." This update expands models support, focuses on improving performance, and delivers user experience enhancements. With over 230 commits and over 8,000 lines of code changed, it's designed to make big-AGI smarter, faster, more reliable.

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  • (1.14.1) Added support for *Anthropic Claude-3 models
  • Added support for Perplexity, including Sonar Online models, and Groq, including models with up to 500 tok/s speeds. Contribution by @Penagwin.
  • Added Mistral Large models, and Google Gemini 1.5 models.
  • Deeper LocalAI integration with support for model galleries and keys.
  • Performance Optimizations: comprehensive improvements for faster operation, lower power consumption, and better memory use
  • UI and Usability: updated navigation, search, scaling, shortcuts, and chat interactions for a smoother experience.
  • Addressed issues with image warnings, standalone LaTeX blocks, hidden personas in the selector, and more.

For Developers:

  • Customizable PlantUML Server via an environment variable, thanks to @fredliubojin.
  • New customization documentation and analytics support are now included.
  • Added /info/debug for better diagnostics.
  • Introduced a "controller-based" chat architecture to simplify per-chat data management, including ephemerals.
  • Full changelog:

New Contributors

Special thanks to our new contributors @Penagwin and @jacksongoode. @Penagwin work has been instrumental for making this release a success.

In Summary

Version 1.14.0 - Modelmorphic represents a leap forward in our commitment to providing advanced, reliable, and user-centric AI tools. We continue to eschew fluff in favor of substance, focusing on what truly matters to our users and developers.

Explore the new features and improvements and upgrade to Modelmorphic today, available via code, Docker, or directly on

Join our AGI community on Discord and get involved with us! Your feedback and contributions are what drive us forward. Now enjoy Modelmorphic 🚀