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1.13.0 · Multi + Mind

February 8, 2024


More AI in less time.

Today, we announce the release of big-AGI 1.13.0, marking another milestone in our journey to enhance AI interaction and productivity. Multi + Mind focuses on multitasking capabilities and personal customization, ensuring that your experience with big-AGI is more efficient and tailored to your needs. Here's what's new:


  • Side-by-Side Split Windows: multitask with parallel conversations - stop waiting for one assistant to finish #208
  • Multi-Chat Mode: send the same message in many chats at the same time #388
  • Export Tables as CSV: Thanks to @aj47 , you can export data gids to other software - a game-changer for data analysis and reporting #392
  • Adjustable Text Size: one size doesn't fit all, so now you can enjoy denser chats, especially on mobile phones #399
  • Dev2 Persona Technology Preview: we are starting to test out new and more capable personas
  • UI: better-looking chats, improved spacing, fonts, and menus
  • Extra: new integrated video player, an LM Studio tutorial by @aj47 , MongoDB support (@ranfysvalle02), and large performance boost

For Developers:

  • This release includes over 150 commits, and focused on internal cleanups and quality, while delivering a few stunning new features
  • Dive into the details: v1.12.0...v1.13.0

New Contributors

We're thrilled to welcome @aj47 and @ranfysvalle02:

  • @aj47 made their first contribution in #392
  • @ranfysvalle02 made their first contribution in #393

Upgrade Now

Don't wait to explore all these new features. Upgrade to big-AGI 1.13.0 today, available via code, Docker, or directly on the hosted site.

Join our AGI community on Discord and get involved with us! Your feedback and contributions are what drive us forward. And now enjoy Multi + Mind 🚀