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1.12.0 · AGI Hotline

January 26, 2024


Introducing big-AGI 1.12.0, a significant step in refining AGI interaction and management. Who can it be now? Your phone is ringing - it's your AGI. Voice Call, with new OpenAI models, flying on a snappier and juicier UI.

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Here's the essence of what's new:

  • Voice Calls: real-time voice call your personas out of the blue or in relation to a chat #354
  • Updated OpenAI 0125 Models. #364
  • Rename and Auto-Rename chats. #222
  • Link Sharing Revamped, with more user control #356
  • Accessibility to screen readers #358
  • Export chats to Markdown #337
  • Paste tables from Excel #286
  • Ollama model updates and context window detection fixes #309

For Developers:

  • Over 150 commits and 7,000+ lines changed, emphasizing performance optimizations and under-the-hood improvements for a smoother experience.
  • Dive into the details: v1.11.0...v1.12.0

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