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1.11.0 · Singularity

January 16, 2024


Like a cosmic clockwork, today marks the release of big-AGI 1.11.0, and here's a constellation of enhancements that bring the universe of AI closer.

  • Search conversations: find by keywords within titles and contents, with frequency ranking - thanks to @joriskalz's stellar work #329
  • Command palette: type "/" for command selection and auto-completion
  • Together AI Integration: connect with the recent and blazing-fast models provided by the Together AI inference platform #346
  • Persona Creator Enhancements: Deleteable history of creation, custom creation commands, and much more #301 #328 #199 #336
  • OpenAI-Compatible Endpoints: Multiply your AI potential by adding up to five custom OpenAI-compatible endpoints. Flexibility is the new frontier. #323

1.11.0 for Developers:

  • New 'Actiles' framework for developers, to support commands auto-completion with abstract triggers and item sources.
  • Full Changelog: v1.10.0...v1.11.0


Thanks especially to @joriskalz for their impactful pull requests in this release.

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