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1.10.0 · The Year of AGI

January 6, 2024


Happy 2024! We're excited to give you Big-AGI 1.10.0, which brings good improvements and sets the stage a more powerful UX.

  • New UI: Responsive, animated, and sleek interface for the best UX across desktop and mobile. #201
  • Conversation Folders: Keep your chats organized with the new folder system. #321
  • LM Studio: model support and improved token management.
  • Resizable panes in split-screen chat mode
  • Large performance optimizations making big-AGI even faster and more responsive

1.10.0 for Developers:

  • Introducing the new "OptimaLayout" UI framework to enable scale and support multiple top-level apps
  • Updated the documentation for proxy settings on browserless/docker environments. #318
  • Full Changelog: v1.9.0...v1.10.0

New Contributors

We're excited to welcome @kursad-k to the big-AGI contributors! Thank you, @kursad-k! 🌟


Thanks to @joriskalz for the masterful work on the conversation folders - try that drag and drop to reorder!. This community is what makes open source amazing!

Support Big-AGI

Join the conversation on Discord, explore our public roadmap, and thank you for your continued support, and here's to a fantastic year ahead with big-AGI! 🎊✨